Above Snakes: How to Find Resin, Beeswax, Clay, Iron and Bandages

Above Snakes has one of the best tutorials and does a decent job of leading the players through the early game. Despite all the assistance, many players are having trouble finding some common items in the game, such as beeswax, wheat, iron, etc. In this guide, we’ll be addressing those problems and explaining how you can find them in the game. Let’s begin!

How to Fast Travel?

To fast travel in Above Snakes, you’ll have to visit a hitching post. The first one is located near the Trading Post in the Prairie biome. Once you get there, get close to the horse and press F.

The Hitching Post on Above Snakes.
The Hitching Post

Do note that you won’t be able to travel fast unless you have a carrot with you. Every fast trip costs one carrot; that is, you’re feeding the horse to take you places, which is quite plausible.

Fast Travel using the Hitching Post
Saddling up

Once you’ve played the game for a while, you’ll unlock more hitching posts.


To farm beeswax, simply find a tree with a beehive and keep hitting it until the beehive falls off. You might get stung a bit, but simply ignore it and keep chopping. You’ll recover from the damage in no time.

Farming beeswax
Find a tree with beehive

Collect the contents of the beehive once it drops. A single beehive will typically produce 2x honey and 1x beeswax.

How to move items

To move items around, including walls and structures, simply select the hammer from your backpack or your hotkey bar. Once the blue outlines appear on the screen, hover the cursor over any moveable object.

Moving items using the hammer.
Moving items using the hammer

You’ll have two options. You can either break them down into resources or move them to another location. Simply left-click on the item and drag it to the desired location.

Clay and Resin: Where to Find Them

In Above Snakes, clay is first unlocked in Basil’s Farm, and you can dig up clay using a shovel.

Use shovel to dig out clay
Craft shovel to dig out clay

There are two different locations on that tile where you can dig up clay. Once more farmland tiles are unlocked, you’ll be able to farm clay more consistently.

Finding Clay
Digging out clay

You get resin by cutting down birch trees, and to do so, you’ll need the iron axe. Note that you’ll have to build the anvil in order to craft an iron axe.

Craft Iron Axe
Crafting iron axe

The birch trees first appear in the Kacheda Village tile. Once you have the iron axe you’ll be able to chop them down.

Use Iron Axe to chop down birch trees. Thi is how you find resin.
Use iron axe on birch trees

Wheat and Iron Ore

After completing the missions in Basil’s Farm, you’ll get access to two more tiles. One of them is the wheat tile. After you’ve crafted the tile, simply walk into the wheat field and start chopping with an axe. Collect all the wheat that drops in the field, and you’re good to go.

A Wheat field
A wheat field

Iron ore is available in the snow-covered forest tile.

Iron Ore can be found in snow covered worlds.
Iron ore usually found in snow-laden forest tiles

How to make wire?

You cannot craft wire in Above Snakes; however, you can find it spread across different locations. There are two wires near the power lines in the Corpse Creek area. You can even buy it from the vendor inside Corpse Creek.

How to find a bandage?

You’ll find the bandage in the long house where the old man lives (Tutorial mode).

Finding bandage
The longhouse: One of the very few places to find a bandage

Simply enter the house and head to the back. You’ll find it inside the crate, just beside the barrel at the end of the house.

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