Above Snakes: Guide to Fishing

Fishing is one of the many activities in Above Snakes. There isn’t much to it, really. Once you’ve crafted the fishing rod and unlocked a few lake tiles, you’re good to go. Now let’s take a look at some fishing tips to help boost your fishing game.

Fishing in Above Snakes

Also, if you’re having trouble with the early game progression, we also have a strategy guide and tips you can refer to for help. Let’s begin!

How to get the Fishing Rod?

In order to get the fishing rod blueprint, you’ll have to craft rope. You’ll need two hemps (prairie) and two plant fibers to craft a single rope.

Craft the fishing rod

Now enter the crafting section, and you’ll see fishing unlocked. You’ll need two branches and a rope to craft the fishing rod.

Where do you catch them?

In Above Snakes, you can catch fish in any biome with a water body, including the frozen lake.

You can catch fish in frozen lakes

How to fish?

To catch your first fish, head over to the lake and stand close to the ripples in the water. Equip the Fishing Rod and hold down the R button to fish.

Catching fish

Repeat until the location is exhausted, then head over to another spot.

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How to eat them?

You’ll have to gut the fish before cooking it. Once you have the fish meat, you can cook it over the fire.

Cooking fish

You can cook grilled fish and grilled fish skewer using fish meat, and for more edible items, you can refer to the Above Snakes recipes guide.

Should you sell them for gold?

Selling fish for gold is inefficient. It’s better to simply hoard it and use it as a decent food supply. We have a gold farming guide that’ll help you earn more money faster than any other method. Good luck!

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