At Superealm, our team makes the best effort to provide in-depth game guides and walkthroughs on PC and console games. We know how important it is to finish that crucial level or solve a complex puzzle, which is why our articles provide step-by-step guides with screenshots to help players. Our goal is to become one of the best, if not the best, publishers in the console and PC gaming realm.

Meet Our Writers

Kaustab Das

Kaustab’s passion for video games is unparalleled, and no other aspect of his life can compete with his love for them. While he loves multiple gaming genres, he mostly enjoys the company of collectible card games. He has been writing articles for 6 years, 4 of which he has spent focusing solely on the gaming niche. Through his words, he strives to create a group of enthusiasts who can collectively appreciate and enjoy the world of video games. Some of his contributions can be observed at Gamingbolt and MagicGameWorld (He writes under the alias Lordtoto01), and currently, he is contributing his expertise at Superealm. You can find him on Twitter.


Steven is dedicated to his craft, and he just loves writing in-depth PC game guides and walkthroughs. He’s so passionate about gaming that he’s been known to stay up all night playing. He loves finding easter eggs and hidden gems on his favorite PC games.