Please, Touch the Artwork 2 Walkthrough: All Chapters

The surreal nature of the paintings combined with soothing music and the bizarre notion of helping a skeleton painter find their way home isn’t something I wanted, but I desperately needed. Most people spend their entire lives just going through the motions. They either lack meaning and purpose or are too engrossed in their responsibilities to notice life’s little nuances.

Please, Touch the Artwork 2 depicts the journey every individual makes from Point A to B. It simultaneously demonstrates the purpose of life and the lack of meaning within it. The game is a much-welcome ripple in an otherwise mundane world, and the only regret I have is not getting to experience more of it. Here is a complete walkthrough of the game but I highly recommend you play it by yourself as it’s the experience of a lifetime.

Each picture contains a puzzle where you might have to search for certain items. Before we begin, here is a quick on how you can find objects in a painting. 

The quickest way to find them is by clicking on the question mark icon at the top. If there are any findable objects on the map the yellow question mark will light up, otherwise it’ll go black.

Chapter 1 – Prologue


After waking from the grave, take the right path and click on the thought bubble of a man sitting in the boat. All missions are activated similarly and this one includes finding 5 buckets.

Three buckets are floating in the river while the remaining two can be found on both sides of the road in the previous painting.

Once you find all of them, return to the boatman and click on the bubble and he’ll take you to the next picture.

There will be a gaping hole in the picture. Click on the repair sign atop the skeleton’s head to repair the painting. It’s yet another minigame where you must cover up the tear using tape.

The repair minigame involves dragging the tape along the tear in a single line. There’ll be two minigames. The first is a pentagon so simply start at one of the corners and return to it.

For the second one, please start at the line jutting out of the pentagonal figure and return to its base.


After the repairs keep heading right until you come across the beach, interact with the person sitting in a chair and he’ll ask you to collect 9 logs. You’ll find one log on the beach, two in the cabin, two where you first met the boatman, one along the signboard at the crossroad, one at your grave, and one behind the drunken guy in the picture. The last one you’ll find after you finish the bottle-finding mission.


After you enter the cabin on the beach, click on the guy who’s drinking and he’l as you to collect 10 bottles.

There are three bottles in the cabin, four on the beach, and three in the ocean in the previous painting. Once you return to the drunken man, he’ll run away. Fix the painting by solving the torn picture puzzle.

Tip: After you finish collecting all the objects, click on the individual’s image who gave you the mission and you’ll quickly travel to their location.

Once you click on the person sitting along the ocean you’ll have to find the differences between the two images. Here are all the differences.

Once done, click on the black arrow to jump into the picture to finish the prologue.

Chapter 2 – The City


You’ll have to find 20 cats, out of which 6 are in this painting. Once you’ve found them, head right.

A thief will tear the next painting and here is how you can fix it. After fixing the tear, you’ll find 4 more cats in this painting.

Start at the center and drag the tape over each of the triangles until you meet at the center again. Repeat for every triangle.

Start at the bottom left corner and drag right. Now drag diagonally to the top left corner, then go down. Next, drag diagonally to the top right and then drag straight down once again to finish the repair.

Proceed right to the next painting to spot the 7 more cats and then use the ladder to climb down. You’ll find the 3 remaining cats in this picture.

After you’ve finished, click on the old woman’s icon to teleport to her location. Once you interact with her, she uses the chimney to drop down.

Use the tilted building to climb atop the chimney and jump.


Once you’re inside start the mission by clicking on the thought bubble. Go left after you’ve found 4 of the 8 glasses in this room.

The next painting contains 3 more. Keep going left after you’ve collected them.

You’ll find the last glass in this picture along with another mission to find papers. You’ll find one in this room. To complete the glass mission click on the person’s image.

The second paper is in the very first room you dropped in.

The third paper is in the next room to the left. The last paper will be difficult to locate and is discussed in the next section.


Go out to the balcony.

A thief will tear the lower left corner of the painting. Ignore that for now and click the thought bubble of the general.

Your next mission is to find mustaches. Enter the room click on the mustache of the person sitting next to the balcony and go to the left room.

Click the mustache and go to the next room.

Select the mustache and go to the next room. The last mustache is underneath the beard and you’ll need to complete the next mission to get it.

After completing the cross mission and collecting the final mustache, return to the balcony to finish the mustache mission.

After the crowd moves away, you’ll find the final paper. Return to the room with the woman in a black dress to conclude that mission.


Click on both thought bubbles of the sleeping individuals. The old woman dies instantly, but the man gives you another mission to find crosses. You’ll find one in this room.

Go to the next room to the left and collect 3 crosses and one mustache.

Keep going left to the next room and look for two more crosses.

Head over to the balcony and you’ll find five more crosses there.

Return to the room where the person was dining and find the one cross and then the room with the woman in a black dress to get the final cross.

Finally, return to the old man and conclude the mission with the cross. After the person dies, collect the final mustache.

Once all five missions have concluded, go to the balcony that’s in the room with the woman in the black dress.


On the balcony, click on the person sitting on the donkey for the next mission.

Next, go to the room where a woman is playing the piano and click the bubble to start a mini-game.

Press the keys in the same order as demonstrated.

1. B,C,D

2. B,C,D,E,C,A

3. B,C,D,E,C,A,E,D,C

4. B,C,D,E,C,A,E,D,C,B,C,D

5. B,C,D,E,C,A,E,D,C,B,C,D,E,C,A,A

After repeating the sequences the woman will keep playing the piano until it breaks and reveals the halo.

Pick it up and return to the balcony to finish the mission.

After giving the halo, you’ll be bright down from the balcony. Go left once you’re on the ground.

Keep going left until you come across the torn canvas and fix it.

For the first puzzle, start at the lower left corner and complete the bigger triangle before proceeding to the smaller one.

The second puzzle is a bit more complicated. Start at the lower right corner of the shape and drag it diagonally to the top left corner of the rectangle. Now follow the arrows accordingly.

Finally, click on the person sitting in the left corner of the painting for the last mission in chapter 2. You’ll find three logs in this painting.

Next, head upstairs using the doors and collect two more.

Head downstairs and enter the basement to collect two more.

Exit the basement and go right to collect two more.

Return to the person and exit the painting by entering the canvas.

Chapter 3 – The Still Life


Approach the giant manta ray in the basket and start the mission to find 14 baby manta rays.

There will be 4 manta rays in the painting to the right.

Keep going right to the next painting to locate five more manta rays.

Keep heading right to locate the remaining 5 manta rays.

Now walk over the giant manta ray and click the down arrow to visit the next painting. Now keep moving left from one painting to another until you come across one with skulls.


Start the mission by clicking on the skull.

Return to the previous painting to locate 2 bananas, 3 cherries, and 1 orange.

Move to the right painting and you’ll find 5 oranges and 1 cherry.

Return to the skull painting and keep going left to a new canvas where you’ll find 3 oranges, 4 pears, and 1 banana.

Keep going left to a new painting to locate the rest of the fruits. Once you’re finished, return to the skeleton and make him a fruit hat. Next, click on the up arrow to go to the next painting.


After landing on the next picture, keep heading right until you come across a broken vase. Click on it to start the next mission. There’ll be two pieces in this room.

Keep going right and you’ll find two more pieces.

Go to the farthest painting to the right to find three more broken pieces.

Return to the picture that you landed at the beginning to find 4 broken pieces.

Move to the left picture to find 3 more pieces.

Once you have them all return to the original painting with the broken vase. After fixing it, use the plant to climb to the next picture.


Once you’re in the next painting click the shell to begin the next mission. You’ll find 3 shells in this painting.

Keep through the painting to the right. The first one has 1 shell, the second has two shells and a torn canvas.

Move to the next painting to collect 4 more shells and then proceed to repair the tear in the canvas to collect one more.

Here are the solutions to the puzzles. Always start the cross and follow the arrows.

Collect the shell after fixing the canvas and move to the right before jumping down to the painting below.

Fix the canvas by solving the puzzles. Here are the solutions and always start the cross.

Collect the shell and then go to the leftmost painting to grab the remaining shells.


Climb up the shells to the painting above and keep heading left until you come across a smoking duck. Click on the duck to start the mission of collecting matches. You’ll find 4 matches in the duck painting.

Then go right and collect matches from the next picture.

The next picture contains two more.

The next picture to the right contains 7 more matches.

The remaining 7 matches can be found in the farthest picture to the right.

After the duck dies from smoking, use its neck to climb down to the next painting.

Walk over to the painter and exit the painting.

Chapter 4 – The Wedding


After entering the painting go right until you come across the torn canvas. Click on it to start the new mission of finding the thief who has been tearing up the canvas since the beginning.

Finding him isn’t going to be easy because, in every game, his initial position will change. You’ll have to search every picture to find him. For instance, in this run, he shows up first in this picture.

However, it may not be the same when you play the game. The location where he appears is the same but the sequence will be different every time. Keep following him.


Click on the canvas to finish the mission and go over to the next painting.

To find the painting click on the black arrow. Then walk over to the entrance of the museum.

Keep going right until you see a painting with a cutout for the thief. Click on it to make him fit inside of it.

Now go right and exit the painting by entering the portal.

Chapter 5 – Epilogue


Start the seagull’s mission and go to the right painting of three seagulls.

Now go to the left picture to collect three more seagulls.

Go to the next painting to the left to collect five more seagulls.

Return to the previous painting and head towards the beach to collect the rest of the seagulls.

Return to the first painting and enter the building after completing the seagull mission. Once inside, head up the stairs and enter the room.


Enter the room with the white door and start the paintbrush mission. You’ll find two in the mission room itself.

Return to the previous room to find three more brushes.

Enter the room on the lower floor and collect two more brushes.

The room on the next floor contains three more brushes.

Get down to the next room to collect three more.

The room on the next floor has three more brushes.

The following room on the lower floor contains seven more arrows.

The room on the first floor contains two more brushes.

Finally, visit the room on the ground floor to collect the remaining three brushes.

Return to the room on the top floor to conclude the mission and finish the game.

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