Above Snakes: All Recipes Guide

Above Snakes has a pretty decent list of cookable items, and you’ll have to learn a great number of them if you want to survive out in the wild. Although food doesn’t rot in the game, not all biomes have the same ingredients available, so the more options you have, the better your chances of survival. Of course, you can hoard 100 meat skewers in the early stages and never worry about food, but where’s the fun in that?

This is a game of survival, and the real challenge comes from staying alive in the middle of all the hardships. In our Above Snakes recipes guide, we will be discussing all the ingredients and the resources you can craft using them. But if you’re having trouble gathering the necessary resources, refer to our beginner’s guide for some great tips and tricks. Let’s begin!

Above Snakes - All Recipes and Ingredients

List of Ingredients and Their Locations

Here’s a list of ingredients and their locations that might be helpful to you if you have just started playing Above Snakes:

1. Dirty Water – Any tiles with water.

2. Water – Obtained from cooking/boiling dirty water.

3. Huckleberry – Any Plains tile.

4. Fish Meat – Catch fish from any water tile and gut them.

5. Bones – Kill zombies and loot them.

6. Meat – Gut any animal (deer, snake, rabbit, etc.). Found in multiple tiles (Pine Forest, Prairie, etc.)

7. Coffee Beans – Any Plains tile.

8. Roasted Coffee beans – Obtained from cooking coffee beans.

9. Honey – Any Pine or Birch Forest tile. Hit trees containing beehives,

10. King Bolete – Any Pine or Birch Forest tile.

11. Vanilla Flower – Any Prairie tile.

12. Wild Mint – Any Prairie tile.

13. Wild Carrot – Any Prairie tile.

14. Thistle – Within the Kacheda Village Tile.

15. Corn – Within the Cornfield tile.

16. Wheat – Within the Grainfield tile.

17. Pumpkin – Found in both Cornfield and Grainfield tiles.

18. Winterberry – Obtained from cooking wheat. Found in the Snow-Covered Forest tile.

19. Flour – Buy it from the Corpse Creek and Desert Merchants.

20. Jalapeno – Buy it from the Corpse Creek and Desert Merchants.

21. Desert Sage – Any Canyons tile.

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Above Snakes: List of All Recipes

1. Water – Cook Dirty Water. Each stack gives you +50 Thirst.

2. Flour – 3x Wheat. No effect.

3. Bread – 3x Flour. Grants +30 Hunger, -5 Thirst.

4. Cornbread – 2x Corn and Flour. Grants +30 Hunger, -5 Thirst.

5. Pumpkin Bread – 2x Pumpkin and Flour. Grants +35 Hunger and -10 Thirst.

6. Carrot Soup – 2x Wild Carrots and Water. Grants +35 Hunger.

7. Weak Coffee – Roasted Coffee Beans and 2x Water. Grants +10 Thirst, +7 Fatigue.

8. Coffee – 2x Roasted Coffee Beans and Water. Grants +5 Thirst, +15 Fatigue.

9. Fertilizer – 3x Bones. No effect.

10. Huckleberry Bowl – 3x Huckleberry. Grants +25 Hunger, +10 Thirst.

11. Huckleberry Tart – 2x Huckleberry and Flour. Grants +30 Hunger, -10 Hunger.

12. Grilled Fish – Cook Fish Meat. Grants +10 Health, Hunger +15.

13. Grilled Fish Skewer – 3x Fish Meat. Grants +35 Health, +50 Hunger.

14. Meat – Cook Raw Meat. Grants +20 Hunger.

15. Meat Skewer – 3x Raw Meat. Grants +65 Hunger.

16. Spicy Meat – Jalapeno Pepper and Raw Meat. Grants +20 Hunger and +10 Fatigue.

17. Meat Pie – 2x Raw Meat and Flour. Grants +20 Hunger, -5 Thirst, +10 Sanity.

18. Mint Tea – 2x Wild Mint and Water. Grants +10 Thirst, +20 Fatigue, +5 Sanity.

19. Weak Mint Tea – Wild Mint and 2x Water. Grants +10 Fatigue, +15 Thirst.

20. Smooth Mint Tea – Honey, Water, and Wild Mint. Grants +10 Thirst, +10 Fatigue, +10 Sanity.

21. Miracle Powder – 3x Desert Sage. +50 Health.

22. Mushroom Soup – 2x King Bolete and Water. Grants +20 Thirst, +20 Hunger, +20 Sanity.

23. Pound cake – 2x Vanilla Flower and Flour. Grants -5 Thirst, +30 Hunger, +5 Health.

24. Syrup – Honey and Vanilla Flower. Grants +20 Fatigue, -30 Thrist, +20 Health.

25. Thistle Tea – 2x Thistle and Water. Grants +20 Health, +10 Thirst.

26. Weak Thistle Tea – Thistle and 2x Water. Grants +10 Health, +15 Thirst.

27. Winterberry Muffin – Winterberry and Flour. Grants +15 Hunger, -5 Thirst.

28. Winterberry Tart – 2x Winterberry and Flour. Grants +30 Hunger, -10 Thirst.

If you have trouble gathering the resources, refer to our gold farming and fishing guides for more information. Happy cooking!

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