Above Snakes Gold Farming Guide

Although gold isn’t a super important resource, it can definitely speed things up as you reach the end. Do note that this can get a bit boring, so we suggest you play around for a bit and try to enjoy the game because it’s quite fun, to begin with. You can even get to the 50%+ mark without having to worry about gold. Once you’re nearing the mid-late stage in Above Snakes, you can worry about gold farming.

Gold Farming in Above Snakes

And for those of you who are gunning for the 5,000 gold achievement, make sure to read our Above Snakes 100% achievement guide if you’re stuck with any of the others. With that out of the way, let’s begin!

Things you will need to farm gold

In this guide, we’ll be farming clean water to trade them for gold. We’ll need the following to start the process:

1. A foundation – You’ll need one to place the bed. There is no need for walls since there are no mobs that attack you while you sleep.

2. A bed – To recuperate stamina after scooping water.

3. Campfire – To cook fish and water. We’ll be selling the clear water for 3 golds a piece.

4. Fishing Rod – To catch fish. Berries aren’t enough to quench your hunger. Fish skewers replenish more of your hunger bar. You can read more about this in our Above Snakes fishing guide.

Now that we have everything ready, it’s time to start scooping water.

How to scoop water efficiently

Start off with the tile placement

Water locations - Tile Placement

There is no optimal way of setting up the lake tiles. However, it’s best to place your bed at the corner of the lake bed and cover it on three sides with other lake tiles.

Stock Up food

Before you begin the scooping, catch a horde of fish (until the spots are exhausted), gut them, and cook them.

Stocking up food in the backpack

We usually suggest grilled fish skewers (cook 3x fish meat). It gives you 50 hunger and 35 health. Two of them will last you two-three days.

Cooking Fish

Once you’ve exhausted all the fishing spots, you should have enough for 15-20 days.

Start scooping water

Scoop Water

You’ll have more than enough water to quench your thirst, and now that you have enough food to last for a few days, start scooping water.

Make sure you are stocked up on food

Repeat until your inventory is filled with dirty water.

Start boiling water

Once you have enough dirty water, light the campfire and start boiling. When all the water is cooked and ready, head over to a chest and store it. Keep repeating until you have enough, then sell them all to a vendor, and you should be earning a lot of gold in no time.

That’s all for the gold farming guide. Keep repeating until you’re satisfied. In case you’re having trouble at the start, refer to your Above Snakes beginner’s strategy guide for more information. Good luck!

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