All Achievements in Above Snakes

It’s relatively easy to get 100% achievement in Above Snakes. None of the tasks are too difficult. It’s only a matter of time until you get them all, and in this guide, we’ll be revealing the activities you’ll need to focus on to get them in the shortest time possible.

Above Snakes: Achievements Guide

And in case you’re having trouble keeping up with the steps, follow our Above Snakes guide for more information on how to get started.

Above Snakes 100% Achievement Guide

1. Home, Sweet Home – Build a cabin in the game. (You can earn this during the tutorial).

2. Good Feller – Craft an axe and use it for the first time to get this achievement.

3. Yummy – Cook your first meal.

4. Tree Domino – Chop down a tree and make sure that it hits another one on its way down.

5. Fisherman – Craft the fishing pole.

6. Lumberjack – Collect 100 pieces of lumber to get this achievement.

7. Miner – Pick up rocks that are dropped when you mine boulders.

8. Faster than the wind – Fast travel using the horse, and make sure to carry a carrot with you, otherwise, the horse won’t respond to your request.

9. Best Friend – This achievement is part of a mission. There are two parts to this achievement. First, kill the green-eyed wolf. Once you’re done, you’ll have to tame a wolf cub. Lure it with grilled fish and cooked meat (place them on the stone pieces in front of the tree). Once the cub is done eating, pet it to complete the mission and earn your achievement.

10. Chef – Cook 100 food items.

11. Tall Tales – Catch a sturgeon, which is a rare fish. It’s totally based on RNG, and you have no control over it. Just keep fishing, and you’ll nab it eventually. Reading our fishing guide will help you prepare for this arduous task.

12. Stable Relationship – Build a hitching post.

13. Honest Work – Create your first mine and start mining.

14. The First, Second, Third, and All Fragments (4 achievements one for each fragment) – In Above Snakes, you can obtain all four fragments by talking to the elder.

15. Corpse Creek – Reach the Corpse Creek tile.

16. Rollin’ Around – Roll around in the ground 100 times.

17. Lost Soul Kill of the Week – Drop a tree on a lost soul (angle it so that it falls on a zombie when cut).

18. I am Rich – Earn 1,000 coins.

19. Won the Lottery – Earn 5,000 coins. Refer to our Above Snakes gold farming guide to get this achievement as quickly as possible.

20. The End – Complete the game and watch the entire ending credits.

21. Melissophobia – Die to the bees. Stand close to a beehive and whack it once to make the bees aggro you.

22. Gardener – Sow 100 plants.

23. Tooth Collector – Collect 30 teeth by killing lost souls.

24. Below Snakes – Die to snake bites. They can be found in the desert biome. You’ll also come across them in the Glade biome during the early part of the game.

25. Dendrophobia – You’ll have to die from a falling tree. Simply cut one and run below it as it’s falling down. The first few times will only hurt and you won’t die from it. Keep repeating until your health reaches zero. You can also take damage from other sources like the lost souls, bees, and bears, but the killing blow has to come from a falling tree if you want this achievement.

26. Barista – Brew 30 coffee. The fastest way to get this achievement is by growing a coffee garden.

27. Librarian – Collect 100 books. It’s one of the more difficult achievements as finding them is based on RNG. You can spot some in crates, and chests, or even buy it from the vendors if you have spare gold. Note that you do not have to keep 100 books on you at all times. Simply finding them gets you the achievement.

28. Happy Birthday – Survive for 365 in-game days.

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