How to Open the Secret Door in Smushi Come Home

The secret door can be opened once you have finished playing Smushi Come Home. You will need the magic conch and will also have to solve the piano puzzle in lake bloom to get the secret key for opening the door.

The first thing you need to do is obtain the key by solving the piano puzzle in Lake of Bloom (third map). But that’s not all! You must complete the game to be able to fast-travel between maps. This way, you will be able to use the key to open the secret door on the first map.

The Secret Door in Smushi Come Home

As soon as you finish the game, you will receive the Magic Conch; It will allow you to move between all three maps. Once you obtain the key from the third area, fast-travel to the Garden of Spring to open the locked door. Here’s a complete step-by-step guide explaining how to solve the piano puzzle, obtain the key and open the door:

After acquiring the magic conch, go to the third map – Lake of Bloom. Hop onto the back of the capybara and ride to Indigo Island:

Map of Lake of Bloom - Pay attention to the Indigo Island

In Indigo Island, find the missing candles, place them around the stone shrine, and light them up using flint and steel. You will find all three candles on and around the island. As the island is not too big, you won’t have a hard time finding them.

Find and light up all candles

As soon as you restore all candles and light them up, a small rocky island will emerge from the sea. It will emerge very close to Indigo Island. Jump and glide to that rocky islet and use the blade to cut open the vines. Enter the cave.

The cave

Inside the cave, you will see a broken keyboard/piano. You will need a battery cell to fix it. It can be found on the left side of the piano, but it’s located high up and placed on a rectangular iron bar protruding from the cave wall.

Inside the cave is the battery cell for the piano

It’s high up, so make sure you activate the wind tunnel to glide up to that place. Check the screenshot below to find the location of the red switch for activating the wind tunnel:

The switch is just above the wind tunnel

Once you have acquired the cell, head back to the piano and put the battery cell in the empty slot:

Put the battery on the empty slot

After placing the cell onto the empty slot in the piano, you are ready to solve the puzzle:

Pay attention to the pattern of symbols drawn on a piece of paper. The paper is stuck on the wall above the piano. The pattern is:


The piano keys will also have the above symbols. Jump on the piano keys in the same order as shown on the piece of paper. So the first key to jump on will be X, then O, then X again, O, II, and finally O again. Whenever you jump on the right key, you will hear a sound, and a panel on the keyboard will light up green. When you complete the pattern, all panels will light up green, and a golden key will appear on the ground. Take the key.

Solve the piano puzzle and get the secret key

Using the Magic Conch, fast travel to the first map. Move to the secret door; it is somewhere near Mycena Entry and the Ancient Passage. Check the map below. Also, don’t forget to read the legend if you want to find the door on the map.

The map of the secret door

Reach the door and use the golden key to open it.

Open the secret door

Enter the cave and talk to the NPC. You will receive the secret SHO Augmenter. Check out our Smushi Come Home Walkthrough and Guide to learn more about Augmenters.

The SHO Augmenter found in the secret location in Smushi Come Home

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