Quiet is the Eyes Walkthrough

Quiet is the Eyes is an excellent short horror puzzle game from indie developers Ally Guo and Sakura Perry. This free 2D side-scrolling game lets you interact with objects to solve simple puzzles in three locked rooms.

Find hints within a room to solve puzzles and discover passwords to unlock the door. Our Quiet is the Eyes walkthrough will help you solve the color-coded puzzle in the botany wing, the math problem in the paleontology department, and the pictorial puzzle in the entomology hall.

Quiet is the Eyes Walkthrough

How to Play

Since it’s a side-scrolling horror puzzle game, interaction with objects is crucial in puzzle-solving. When you move near an object, it changes its color. Press the enter key to interact with that object and read the instructions/hints on the screen.

Puzzles revolve around finding the correct password combinations from the puzzles given in these rooms – Botany Wing, Paleontology Department, and Entomology Hall.

Quiet is the Eyes is not just about solving puzzles, but also avoiding a dreaded monster. While solving a puzzle, look out for that many-eyed creature. Pay attention to these visual/audio cues that hint at a possible monster appearance:

1. Flying silhouette: Look at the window in the background, you can see a shadow moving fast horizontally.

2. Slimy wet hands: Pixilated handprints start appearing all over the window.

3. Dripping fleshy goo: A dark sticky substance descending over the window.

4. Ground tremors and lightning: Turn up the volume for these audio cues. For the ground tremors, the screen will shake.

Whenever you experience the above four hints, press and hold the down arrow key to crouch. Release only when you see the multiple eyes on the windows pass out of sight.


Now that you know how to play Quiet is the Eyes, the video walkthrough below might be of some help. You may skip it completely and read our guide if you want to know step-by-step solutions for all puzzles:

Adeline’s lab

Her lab door is locked. Move to the control panel first to know why all doors are locked and password-protected. The control panel is near the study desk. The control panel is part of the emergency lock system. It has been activated, locking all doors and limiting access. You will need special passwords to override the doors in other rooms. But first, you will have to exit the researcher’s room.

To obtain the key, move to the computer monitor, and press Enter to obtain the key. Exit the room.

Key is near the computer room

Your first encounter with the monster will be in the lobby. Press the down arrow key at the right time to hide.

The tape recorder room

As soon as the monster disappears, Adeline will use the same key to move to the tape recorder room.

Move near the tape recorder and press Enter to interact. Adeline will interact with the tape recorder, listening to a pre-recorded message about the monster. This is where you will get a list of four audio-visual cues about the monster’s presence.

Note them down and press the down arrow key at the right time to hide when you experience the hints. Read our “How to play” section to know more about the audio-visual cues hinting at the many-eyed monster’s appearance. Adeline will find a key in this room and head to the next room.

The botany wing

The botany wing is locked, thanks to the emergency locked system. You will have to solve a simple color-coded puzzle to find the correct password combination.

First, note down all numbers and their color by interacting with various objects. The monster will appear on random occasions in this room, so pay attention to the audio-visual cues and press the down arrow button at the right moment to hide from the creature.

Pay attention to the color and number in each text.

1. Move to the large bookshelf, press enter to interact, and note down the number 6 from the text. It’s scrawled in blue, on a piece of paper.

2. Next, interact with the stepladder and note down the number: 4 in purple.

3. Move to the yellow watering can and interact with it. There’s a face on it Looking closely, one of the eyes has the number 1 for a pupil.

4. Get close to the flowerpot. The number 5 in red is written in blood, or maybe, tomato juice!

5. Skip all five flower bouquets and head straight to the wheelbarrow. Interact with it and note down the number 7 in orange.

You now have five color-coded numbers. Go back to all five flower bouquets in the botany wing. Interact with each bouquet, from left to right, to note down their colors:

Flower bouquet arrangement is important.

A. Purple Lillies

B. Yellow pansies

C. Red cosmos

D. Orange tulip

E. Blue hyacinths

Match the numbers with the flowers based on the color in the same order as above (from purple lilies to blue hyacinths). The password is:

Purple – 4

Yellow – 1

Red – 5

Orange – 7

Blue – 6


Move near the desk. The emergency lock is kept on the desk. Input the password to unlock the door. Move to the next room and interact with the sticky note on the wall to read its contents. It’s some sort of a lab report that describes the monster and its growth in detail. After reading the lab report, Adeline takes the key kept on the desk and unlocks the door to move to the next room.

Paleontology department

You will have to solve another puzzle to find the password that unlocks the paleontology department’s door. It’s a simple math puzzle. The password is three numbers long.

Move to each dinosaur fossil and press enter to interact. Read the text on the top of the screen and note down the hint written in blue.

Interact with each dino skeleton to get hints.

Here’s the solution to the math puzzle in Quiet the Eyes:

A. The second number is divisible by 3. The second number is even: An even number divisible by 3 is 6.

B. The second number minus the first number is neither positive nor negative: “0” is neither positive nor negative, so the first number has to be six. 6-6 = 0.

B. The third number is a factor of 20. The third number is not prime. The first and third numbers added together equals a multiple of five: The answer is 4. 4 is the factor of 20. 4 is not a prime number and if we add the first number 6 to 4, the answer would be 10, which equals a multiple of 5. So the third number is 4.

The password for this room is 664

Move to the emergency lock system at the end of the paleontology department, press enter to interact with the lock system. Enter the password and move to the computer room.

Interact with the computer. Adeline reads what’s written on the screen. There’s a warning message on the screen. Adeline is worried as the message warns researchers to evacuate the lab immediately. The threat is looming outside the lab and Adeline has to escape before the monster attacks her. She takes the key near the computer table and proceeds to the next room.

Entomology hall

You must solve three puzzles to find the password combination to unlock the entomology hall door. The password is three numbers long. In this room, you will have to press the X or [Shift] key to close the puzzle. Keep an eye on the monster and those hints that point to its presence outside the lab.

A. The butterfly puzzle: Move to the desk next to the bookcase and press enter to interact with it. A jar containing two butterflies and other insects/bugs is kept on the table. There’s a vote sticking out of the jar:

The butterfly puzzle

“How many bugs do we dispose of?”

– “Just the butterflies, nothing else.”

There are two butterflies in the jar and these two need to be disposed of. We got the first number 2. Press X to close.

B. Insect Puzzle: Pay attention to the picture of the insect on the right. It’s two insects combined – insect number 7, the dragonfly, and insect number 2, the centipede. 7+2 = 9. We now have the second number.

Insect breeding puzzle

C. Missing Number: Move to the large potted plant for the next puzzle.

Find the missing number. Count the number of circles that make up each insect on the image:

Missing number puzzle

7 + 1 = 8

3 + 2 = 5

7 – 3 = (?) 4

The third number of the password is 4

The password to open the emergency lock in the entomology hall is 294.

Move to the next room. Adeline realizes that the emergency lock system was there to contain the monster inside the lab, but unfortunately, it escaped. All researchers have already escaped the lab, except Adleine. Now the monster is back to get rid of her and she needs to get out of the lab ASAP.

Move closer to the diary kept on the desk and read the message. As soon as she completes the reading, the many-eyed monster enters the room. You must make sure Adeline is out of reach of the monster. Follow the arrow prompts on the screen and press the keys fast before the monster attacks her.

Follow the arrow prompts on the screen to escape the creature'

Quiet the Eyes’ quick time event can be hard and you may fail. If you fail to follow the arrow key prompts, you can start from where you left off and try again. It took me two attempts to successfully evade the monster attack. The arrow key prompts on the screen are randomly generated so the next set of prompts will be different when you start again.

That’s all folks! You can view the walkthrough video in this guide to get the complete solution to all puzzles.


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