An Arcade Full of Cats – Complete Walkthrough (All Hidden Cats)

An amusement arcade filled with kitties sounds purr-tastic! Don’t believe me? Wait until you play An Arcade Full of Cats. This fun hidden object game takes you back memory lane, where”penny arcades” are filled with playful cats hiding in every corner.

Inspired by classic arcades, An Arcade Full of Cats’ 8-bit background score will keep you grooving to the chiptune music as you search for hidden cats spanning three decades, the ’80s, ’90s, and the ’00s. While most will be hiding in plain sight, some kitties will be hidden behind objects and won’t be easy to find. In fact, in level 1990 you must enter a button combination to reveal a hidden kitty.

The real fun begins when you find the tokens and use them to unlock mini-games at an arcade system. Completing mini-games in each stage will unlock car batteries, letting you open a new ending. Once you complete all five stages on the free versions, you can purchase the DLC through your Steam account to play more levels.

You will find our walkthrough helpful if you have just started playing An Arcade Full of Cats. Bookmark it in case you can’t find that elusive cat token or finding it hard to search all hidden cuties:

How to Play

1. Tap on a cat once and see her color change. Special or “hidden” cats have a distinct color. For example: In the first level, 1980, all 76 normal cats will be in blue, whereas special cats will turn purple when you find them.

2. The cat counter will be displayed on the top-left corner of the screen. In 1980, you will see 76 cats and 5 hidden cats.

3. Special cats will be completely hidden. You must click on a particular object to reveal a hidden cat.

4. Once you find all the cats, it’s time to find the tiny cat token. The token can be used on a working arcade machine to play another hidden object game but with a different theme. For example, in level 1990, the arcade mini-game “Catius” lets you find Bionic fish in an aquarium. Once you find all in a mini-game, you will be rewarded with a car battery. Acquire all five batteries in the free version of An Arcade Full of Cats to unlock the ending.

5. Tokens are extremely tiny and you must zoom in on a particular level to find them. We suggest finding all cats, including the hidden ones, and then searching for that elusive kitty token.

Now that you know the basics, it’s time to find’em all! We have posted screenshots of all cat locations and the tokens. You might also love to watch our video walkthroughs at the end of each level in this guide:


Find 76 cats and 5 hidden felines. Cats colored purple are hidden and you will have to find them by clicking on certain objects in the amusement arcade scenario.

Extreme left side
Right side

The token in the 1980 level can be found between the large gacha glass bowl and the stool with a cat perched on top of it. The below screenshot shows the correct location.


In the 1985 level, there are 61 cats and 6 hidden kitties. The hidden ones are colored yellow.

Left view
Right view

The below screenshot shows the location of the token. It’s on the bottom shelf, between various hats.


Search the arcade to find 67 cats and 6 hidden cats. The purple ones are special cats.

Left view
Right side

The token is hidden behind the scooter’s front wheel. A cat is playfully hanging from the scooter.


There will be 66 cats and 6 hidden cats in level 1995. The ones in yellow are cats hidden in plain sight and the pink kitties are hidden ones.

Left side

Right side

Hidden “Mario Cat” in the 1995 Level

Finding that one special “hidden” cat in the 1995 edition of An Arcade Full of Cats can be tricky. First, you will have to find the hint for the right button combination (see the screenshot below), With the help of the hint click on the buttons to reveal the Mario-inspired hidden cat:

Correct Button Combo: Press the Up arrow twice, down arrow twice, Left, Right, Left Right, and then press the “B” and “A” buttons.

The token is on the Air Hockey table.


Find 69 cats and 7 hidden cats to complete the last level in the free version. Don’t forget to collect the token to play another secret hidden object game.

The token to the final mini-game is right in the middle of an arcade machine, next to the “House of the Dog” arcade.


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