Seven Nights Ghost: Full Walkthrough and Guide

Seven Nights Ghost is a short horror game from Tozuku Games. Step into the shoes of a jobholder who stays in a haunted house provided by his company. Help him survive all seven nights in that ill-fated house by completing tasks and solving puzzles.

Unlike other horror games, this isn’t much of a scary game. Yes, there will be a few jumpscare moments, but overall it’s a beautiful game that will make you believe that one can live with a ghost (at least the protagonist can).

Seven Nights Ghost Walkthrough

Some scenes are heartwarming and the ending(s) will touch your soul in the most beautiful ways. Our Seven Nights Ghost walkthrough and guide will help you complete all objectives, solve puzzles, find all 7 talismans, and unlock two soul-stirring endings.

Day 1: Confirmation of Company Housing Facilities

1. Read the note in the living room

Move closer to the small square table. Place the eye-shape cursor on the note kept on the table. Click to read. When a “Yes” and “No” prompt appears on the bottom of the screen, click Yes to continue.

The note

The next set of tasks will be checking the facilities in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and restroom. Press the Tab key to review your current objectives.

List of tasks. Press the tab key to open the list.

2. Check the water in the Kitchen

Move to the kitchen sink and click on the kitchen faucet. Place the cursor on the faucet and then click to turn it on.

The kitchen faucet

3. Check the lighting beside the bed

Move to the living room and click on the lamp on the side table on the left side of the bed. Just place the eye-shaped cursor on the lamp and click to turn on the lights.

The table lamp

4. Check the lighting in the bathroom

Move to the bathroom and switch on both lights. The first switch is next to the action figure.

The bathroom switch

The second switch is near the glass door. As soon as you switch on both lights, you will see the ghost’s reflection in the mirror.

Inside the bathroom

5. Check the lighting in the restroom

Go to the restroom. You can find this small room on the left side of the exit/entrance door. Open the restroom. The switch is on the right side once you open it. You will also unlock another creepy cut scene of the ghost entering through the door.

6. Check the television

Once you complete these five tasks, you will hear noise from the television. Go to the living room and move near the television. You will complete the sixth task.

The television

The protagonist cannot find the TV remote.

7. Find the remote control in the living room

Starting from this objective, the protagonist will start feeling the presence of the ghost. Pay attention to the weird noise in the background – it starts with white noise and then the noise increases. An increase in noise suggests that the spirit is very close to you. If you ignore, she will attack you and it’s game over – you will have to start over with the given objectives.

You will find the remote control on the fag end of the TV unit/entertainment unit, on the extreme right side. Check the screenshot below:

TV Remote in the corner of the room

Day 2: Check Inventory of Supplies

1. Find Laundry Detergent

Go to the bathroom. Slide open the drawer below the washbasin. There will be four bottles inside. Click to take the fourth bottle of detergent on the extreme right.

Bottle of detergent

2. Find Sellotape

Go to the living room. The sellotape is right on the bottom part of the cabinet, on the extreme left of the TV unit. The cabinet is near the floor lamp. You will find the sellotape on the bottom section of the cabinet.


3. Find Bandaid

In the living room, open the second drawer on the extreme right of the TV unit. The bandaid can be found in it.


Once you get the bandaid, a cutscene will be triggered. It’s a cute one. The protagonist finds a toy beetle in the same drawer. He picks it up. You will then have to move him towards the small table where the phone is kept.

Now the fun part – The ghost makes every effort to scare him. Little did she know about the toy beetle.

The cute ghost

The ghost tries to spook him but gets spooked instead. Imagine a scary apparition being scared by a toy bug!

Day 3: Hide the Donut

1. Find the food storage container

Go to the kitchen > Sink. Open the middle drawer, upper segment. Take the food storage container.

Empty food storage container

2. Find the storage container lid

Go to the bathroom. Pick the green lid kept on the shelf, above the washing machine.

Container lid

3. Wash food storage container

To wash the container, go back to the kitchen. Pick the cleaning sponge near the sink. The protagonist will clean the container with it.

Washig the container

You will have to store the donut in the food storage, but before doing that, you must divert the ghost’s attention with the help of a unique item.

3. Find items to induce

Pick the alarm clock from the side table near the bed in the living room.

Alarm clock in the table

Place it on the top of the toilet lid in the restroom. When he places the alarm clock, he sets a 1-minute alarm.

Put the alarm clock on the toilet lid

4. Hide the donut in the closet

Go to the living room and click on the closet near the bed to open it. You won’t be able to hide the donut in it until the alarm clock rings. It will take some time, so be alert of a possible attack from the ghost and turn around whenever you hear that strange sound.

Once you hear the clock ring, go near the closet and open it to hide the donut.

Alas, hiding the donut was futile. She found it! But you have completed the objective. Let’s find out what Day 4 has in store (pun intended) for us.

Day 4: Find Substitutes for Chopsticks

The protagonist wants to eat his ramen before it goes all soggy, but he can’t find the chopsticks. You must find substitutes for them. This stage is time-based, so make sure you find them in 5 minutes before the timer on the top-right of the screen goes off.

1. Discover a substitute for chopstick A

Go to the bathroom. Click on the action figure/robot on the wall-hanging shelf. You will find it on the left of the door. You will get your first chopstick.


2. Discover a substitute for chopstick B

In the living room, open the closet and click on the hanger. You will have to craft chopstick B from this hanger. Find a tool that can cut the hanger to create a makeshift chopstick.


3. Craft chopsticks from the hanger

Head straight to the main entrance of the room and open the shoe cabinet near the restroom door. Take the pair of pliers to craft chopstick B.


As soon as the protagonist finishes his noodles using makeshift chopsticks, he finds the OG ones kept on the kitchen top. Seems the ghost has brought them back.

The next cut scene is hilarious. The ghost gives the protagonist a note. What’s written in it will leave you in splits!

Day 5: Repair the Cat Figurine

The ghost drops the cat figurine. Fix it with adhesive and a file. With no electricity, the flashlight is the only way to look around and search for the adhesives and the file.

1. Find Flashlight

The flashlight is under the bed, in the living room. You can find the source of light. Just go close to the flashlight and pick it up. You may want to skip the cutscene by clicking the mouse button or pressing the space bar.

The flashlight

2. Find Adhesive A

In the living room, open the cabinet on the extreme left of the TV unit. This cabinet is near the floor lamp. Once you open the cabinet, you will find Adhesive A on the bottom part of the shelf.

Adhesive A

3. Find Adhesive B

Go to the bathroom. Adhesive B can be found on the floor, in the corner, next to the washing machine.

Adhesive B

Now that you have found both adhesives, you will have to mix them up to fix the cat figurine. You will also need a file for molding.

New Objective: Find the Stick File

The thin stick file is in the closet, on top of a white box. Pick it up.

Stick File

Once you find the stick file, you will have to finish a mini-game. It’s a bit challenging. All you need to do is file away the glue sticking to the clay figurine while avoiding the ghost’s attack.

Repairing the cat

When the minigame begins, press and hold the left mouse button to start filing. Keep your ears peeled for that weird background noise, a sign that the ghost is near and is about to attack you. When you hear that noise, release the mouse button and look around to spot the ghost. If you spot it on time, she will vanish. As the noise gets louder, she gets closer and will attack you, so make sure you look around as soon as you hear that noise.

Pay attention to the repair progress. You will finish this minigame at 100% progress. It can be challenging as the ghost will appear randomly, and you will have to move the mouse to look behind you.

Day 6: Find “Time to Rest”

Day 6 is the hardest of all days in Seven Nights Ghost. You must solve three puzzles to find a pair of “Sake Cups”. As per the note left by the ghost, unless the protagonist solves all the riddles, he will be stuck in this room forever.

1. Locate Keyhole

Read the note kept on the table. There will be a few general hints to solve the puzzles.

Note on the table

Move towards the TV unit. Above the TV is a piece of paper pasted on the wall. There are gridlines drawn on that paper. You must draw a pattern over the gridline to solve the first puzzle. When you are near the gridlines, click to inspect it closely:

  • Click on an empty square to color it. Make sure the eye cursor is on the empty square before coloring it. Do this for certain other squares until you get this pattern as shown in the screenshot below:
Pattern on a piece of paper

The pattern will remind you of a symbol in the restroom.

2. Locate Key

Pick the yellow sticky note kept near the note on the table. There’s a symbol of a key drawn on it.

Key in yellow sticky note

Move to the kitchen and click on the white kettle to “Boil some water”.


As steam comes out of the kettle spout, click the kettle again to moisten the yellow sticky note.

3. Find Key

Go to the bathroom. Open the glass door and move inside the shower room. Close the door. You will see a yellow sticky pasted on the door. Take it.

Bathroom door sticky note

The yellow sticky note contains a set of symbols that hint towards another puzzle. Exit the bathroom.

4. Locate Pair of Sake Cups

To locate the pair of Sake cups, you will have to solve a puzzle in the restroom. The yellow sticky with strange symbols will provide the necessary hint.

Go to the restroom. Press the left CTRL key to crouch. Find the set of four buttons near the flush toilet.

Buttons narr the toilet

Press the tab key and open the items list. Note down the set of symbols on that sticky note, which you got from the bathroom.

Sticky note with symbols

The symbols correspond to the symbols on the button:

Square – Red Square

Three Lines – Three Lines

F – Female

TV – Fountain

You will have to press the buttons in the same sequence as shown in the yellow sticky note:

Square -> Three Lines -> Female -> Fountain -> Female -> Square

Note: The sequence of the symbols on the sticky note may be randomly generated.

Once you press the buttons in the right sequence, the flush toilet’s lid opens. You will see another sticky note pasted on the inner lid of the toilet. The number “39” is written on the sticky note.

Sticky note with number 39 written on it

5. Find “Pair of Sake Cups”

Go to the living room, where five office box files are neatly kept on the lower-right side of the TV unit. There are numbers and mathematical symbols written on each box file – 2 x (multiplication sign), 3 (-), 7, and 5. Arrange these five box files in such a way that the total will be “39”.

The correct arrangement of the box files is = 53 – 2x 7

File puzzle in Seven Nights Ghost

You will see the box file with the (-) sign slides forward. Click on that file to take the cups.

As soon as you solve this puzzle, a new cutscene will be available. You will be having a cup of coffee in one of those cups. And who is your date? The ghost!

Day 7: Tell the Truth

It’s your last day in the haunted room, and the ghost is in a bad mood. She is taking out her anger on those lifeless pieces of furniture, tossing them up, throwing them on the floor. The ghost knows this room will be destroyed soon. There is something that the protagonist needs to tell her, but then he sees his phone has run out of charge. He needs to charge it up before anything else.

Pick up the phone from the table beside the bed. Read its contents.

The objective is to keep charging the phone as you move around in the house, avoiding the ghost’s attack. The charging icon is displayed on the upper-right corner of the screen. This is the final stage and so it gets tougher, especially when the ghost spawns from random directions. Pay attention to the strange noise and look around to spot the ghost. She vanishes when you see her. You can try this trick – head straight to the main door. With your back facing the exit/main door, move your flashlight to spot the ghost. She can’t attack from the rear as there’s a big door right behind you. She will appear from the bathroom, kitchen, and the restroom.

Once the charge hits 100%, you have completed the objective. The protagonist runs to pick up his phone. There’s sudden darkness and she charges at him. There’s darkness for a second and then he sees her, sitting quietly on the bed. He tells her that he won’t be seeing her again as the room will be demolished.

The ghost’s name is Madoka Sawaise and she passed away five years ago in this room. Using his phone, he shows the image of a cat, Nina, to her. It’s his pet cat’s photo, which he got from a certain Mr. Yokohama five years ago. Madoka was Nina’s first owner. After she passed away, Nina was adopted by Mr. Yokohama, but he couldn’t take care of her as his daughter was allergic to cats. When the protagonist joined the company, he adopted the cat. Sadly, Nina passed away two weeks ago.

Day 8: Afternoon

The next day, the staff of the property management office and the junk dealer came and disposed of all the household goods. Madoka hasn’t been seen since last night. Time to go. As soon as he picks up his luggage, he sees the same white cat figurine placed on top of it.

There’s a bonus objective on day 8 – “Check out from the room“.

1. Find House Key and Smartphone

Go to the bathroom. Open the glass door. The key is placed near the bathtub. Before that don’t forget to pick up the smartphone kept on the floor. You will find it once you open the main bathroom door.

2. Find Bullet Train Ticket

Now go to the restroom. The ticket is kept on top of the flush toilet lid.


There are two endings in Seven Nights Ghost. While I can’t say which one’s good or bad, I would label them as “Best” and “Good”.

To get the best ending, you will have to remove all the seals/talismans, aka “Ofuda” throughout the game. These rectangular and upright seals will be found in random locations.

Talisman Locations

On each new day, the seal/talisman can be found pasted on a random area in the haunted room. Here are the locations of all 7 talismans in Seven Nights Ghost:

Day 1: You will find the talisman near the microwave oven, in the kitchen.

Day 2: Find the seal in the bathroom, on the wall next to the washing machine.

Day 3: The talisman is pasted on the table beside the bed, below the alarm clock.

Day 4: Open the closet and you will find a talisman pasted on the closet wall.

Day 5: Go to the bathroom. Find the towel. The seal is pasted on the wall behind it.

Day 6: Go to the restroom. You will find the talisman on the wall, behind the restroom door.

Day 7: When you are in the living room, look up at the wall above the kitchen hole/serving hatch. The seal is pasted right up there.

After Madoka gifts the cat figurine as a memento the protagonist gives the cat’s tail hair to her, a good/best ending will be triggered based on finding all talismans throughout the game.

Best Ending

If you find all talismans, you will unlock the best ending. The cutscene shows the protagonist on the train, with the donut in his hand. His hand trembles a bit thinking about her. He Feels Madoka gently holding his hand and sees her sitting next to him. She has the donut, grabs a bite but this time shares it with him. He also sees her pet cat sitting on the opposite seat. Seems she has decided to stay with him forever, along with her pet cat. As creepy as it may seem, it’s a lovely ending, and I believe the protagonist may have been smitten by her beauty and fell in love with her during the ghostly encounters. What do you think? Comment away!

Good Ending

To get the good ending in Seven Nights Ghost, don’t collect talismans. This ending will trigger even if you collect a few and stop collecting the remaining throughout the game. Madoka is in heaven, with her pet cat, Nina, by her side.


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