Chillquarium Beginner’s Guide: Cheats and Tips

Ben Reber’s Chillquarium is a relaxing real-time idle game where you buy fish, raise them in aquariums, and ultimately sell them for profit.

Chillquarium Guide

There are no breeding mechanics. The only way you can get fish is via packs, and in this beginner-level Chillquarium guide, we’ll be sharing tips to help optimize your farming setup.

Leveling Fishes

Fish start off as babies and become adults when they reach the XP threshold.

Freshwater Tank Fish

There are six different packs, each containing fish of different rarities. The XP threshold required to level up a fish increases with its rarity.

Chillquarium Fish Packs

Fish Packs in the shop

Here is a list of all the Fish packs in the game:

1. Freshwater Friends

2. Rivers and Ponds

3. Reef Fellas

4. Marine Dwellers

5. Giants

Packs 1 and 2 can only be opened in freshwater tanks, while the rest require saltwater tanks.

Fish Rarities

Here is a list of all the fish rarities in Chillquarium:



AngelFish - Golden Rare


Epic Fish


Each rarity also has three variants – Painted, Golden, and Rainbow. Painted is the easiest to get, but Golden and Rainbows are extremely hard to come by.

The drop rate for Goldens is 1/1024 and Rainbows is 1/8192. Chilaquarium also has a pity system where you’re guaranteed one Golden fish every 2048 drops and a Rainbow fish every 16384 drops.

How to Level Fish

If left alone (even when the game is closed), every fish earns 1 XP per second. However, you can boost the process by feeding the fish.

leveling Fish

Simply hold the right click to spawn fish pellets, and all nearby fish will gather near the cursor to feed off them. The fish gain 5 XP for every pellet they eat.

Optimized Feeding Techniques

Here are a few ways you can optimize the feeding process:

1. AFK Feeding – Right-click to spawn food and slowly move the mouse to gather all the fish in a single spot. Now gradually drag the mouse to the bottom left part of the screen, just above the topsoil in the aquarium.

The lack of space forces the fish to huddle together, giving them all the opportunity to feed simultaneously.

AFK feeding technique

Now, with the right click pressed, press Alt + Tab to switch to a different window. Even when you’re in a new window, the game keeps registering the mouse cursor at the bottom left of the screen. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re browsing the internet or watching a movie. The game keeps feeding your fish as long as it’s running in the background.

If you’re annoyed by the feeding noises, simply reduce the master volume in the in-game settings before executing this trick.

2. Using an Auto Clicker – You can cheat a bit in Chillquarium using the OP Auto Clicker 3.0 ( It’s free software that lets you automate the feeding process. It’s a bit faster than the AFK feeding trick we mentioned earlier; however, the game has to remain open for this to work. So, you can simply set it up and leave the game running while you make dinner or take a walk outside.

To set things up, first download the software. There is no installation required, as you can directly run the program by simply double-clicking the downloaded file.

Once the window is up, look into the Click Interval section and set the time to 15 milliseconds (going lower is useless as the fish aren’t quick enough and won’t gather in one spot). Now, under the Click Options section, choose Left Click. Leave the rest of the settings untouched.

OP Autoclicker

Now press F6 (default activation key) to execute the program and gather all the fish in one corner, as we showed earlier.

Note – Do not leave or close the game while the program is running, because as soon as you do, you’ll start left-clicking everywhere on the screen. Always toggle off the program before leaving the game.

Selling Fishes

Which Ones to sell

The beginning is a bit slow. What you’ll be doing is buying fish, growing them up, selling them for money, and using the money to buy more packs. Unless it’s a Legendary or of Golden/Rainbow rarity, it’s better to simply sell the fish, as they’ll generate only a few cents per day.

How to Protect

Lock important fish to prevent yourself from accidentally selling them off.

Expansion Plans

Once you have enough money to buy the Reef Fellas pack, you’ll need a saltwater tank to store those fish. Don’t buy the upgrades for freshwater tanks at this point, as it’s a waste of money.

Types of Fish Tanks in Chillquarium

Also, avoid buying decorations until you reach the endgame. They don’t provide any bonuses whatsoever. Always prioritize keeping the tanks full of fish and focus on buying more tanks over decorations.


In Chillquarium, Saltwater fish are more expensive than freshwater ones, so focus on upgrading the saltwater tanks over the freshwater ones.

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