7 Underrated Idle Games for PC

When Progress Quest was first released in 2002, it was well-received as a parody of MMORPGs. Who knew this was the beginning of a whole new genre of gaming? Idle gaming, as it’s popularly known today, has come a long way since the launch of Progress Quest. In fact, there are more idle games on Android than on Windows. However, there are quite a few underrated incremental games for PC that you must try out. Here are seven lesser-known idle games released on Steam:

1. Vacuum Warrior

Vacuum Warrior is a unique free-to-play idle game from Benjamin Staugaard. Armed with robot and industrial vacuums, your task is to get rid of tons of dust and debris accumulated throughout numerous locations.

Vacuum Warrior - A lesser-known idle game for PC

You can also sell your dust for profit, and hire managers to automate the vacuuming process. “Autonomous vacuuming agents” will do the work for you while you sit and relax listening to the crisp sound of dust being sucked up by them. The game has a prestige system to maximize your gains and you will also find valuable chests on your vacuuming journey.

2. Farmer Against Potatoes

Oni Gaming’s Farmer against Potatoes is all about an amnesic farmer’s fight against mutated potatoes. Yes, you read that right! With no memory of his past, a farmer wakes up in the middle of the field and chooses violence against these evil spuds.

You begin clearing the infestation by clicking on the potatoes, but as you progress, you will need to upgrade the farmer and use different equipment to defeat enemies. The game also has a huge talent tree and skills. That will help you clean this menace as fast as possible.

Farmer Against Potatoes

The game has over five worlds and 9 areas, each area has 100 waves of enemies. Use potatoes and skulls, two major in-game currencies, to buy upgrades that will increase your stats or provide debuffs to your enemies.

Farmer Against Potatoes’ reincarnation system offers bigger permanent bonuses and also lets you change between various classes, each with their own advantages and unique talent trees. So what are you waiting for? Play this free idle game on Steam Now!

3. Underworld Idle

It’s an idle dungeon management game. Create units, fight monsters in the arena, and train up a line of demons, undead, and warlocks to create a huge army of units.

Underworld Idle

The game’s infinite progression system lets you start with a small number of resources, which can then be expanded into a huge list of units. There are also “Infernal Contracts” (Prestige) and unique locations, such as a lab, junkyard, and a grimoire containing dark spells. If you love playing games like Antimatter Dimensions, then you should play Underworld Idle.

4. Garden In!

Garden In! is an idle gardening sim game from Dramatic Iceberg. Find new seeds, plant them in bright colorful pots, grow a variety of plants, and create your own pocket garden.

Garden In!

Arrange your cozy room with plants and customize it with your favorite color and decor. The game also lets you combine two different seeds to create a new seed type. Garden In! is one cozy plant sim and you will love everything about this idle PC game.

5. Unnamed Space Idle

This brilliant sci-fi idle game from Sylv lets you battle against endless waves of aliens. Equip your spaceship with different weapons and defense systems to vanquish alien ships.

Each defense system and weapon is uniquely designed to take on different enemy types.

Unnamed Space Idle

The game has unique mechanics, such as core, synth, prestige, research, and more. The core system lets you upgrade your weapon and defenses that you salvage from enemy ships, synth lets you craft modules to increase your ship’s power, and prestige lets you unlock new ships, weapons, and defenses.

Your success against alien ships depends on the right selection of weapons, defenses, and modules. If you love micromanaging and are particularly fond of resource management idle games, then you must download Unnamed Space Idle. You can also try To the Core, another brilliant space-themed idle incremental game!

6. Boba Simulator: Idle Shop Management

A tea shop simulator and management game, Boba Simulator lets you make delicious recipes. You can experiment with various ingredients and make recipes through trial and error. Adapt to customers’ demands to be profitable and invest wisely in upgrades as you progress.

Boba Simulator

You will also have to manage your storage space, recruit staff, and unlock new features. The game’s fun to play and with cute cats as your customers, serving delish boba just becomes more interesting.

7. Chill Corner

Chill Corner is a relaxing idle game for PC that lets you customize your own little pocket room with different items, plants, and pets. As you progress, you can unlock new rooms, decor, and cute pets to accompany you as you listen to calming lo-fi music. If you are fond of cozy idle games and pets, you should play Chillquarium.

Chill Corner

You can also post to-do lists and set timers in-game to stay productive and focused IRL! Decorate your room, complete quests, and create your own playlist and if you are bored, just solve puzzles to unlock hidden secrets.


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