The Lamplighters League: Beginners Guide and Tips

The Lamplighters League is a game of stealth and patience with a unique twist of turn-based elements, and the following tips will help you master all of them.

Lamplighters League Guide

Survey the Surroundings

Exploration is a key aspect of the game. You may come across different gears, such as grenades and firebombs, that may change the entire course of the game, allow you to circumvent battles entirely, or increase the odds of you surviving an encounter.

You can also figure out new pathways with fewer enemies and bonus gear.

How to Track Enemy Movement

Enemies are designed to provide an immersive experience. Each enemy has a vision range that alerts them whenever you step into it. The awareness zone also expands when you sit at the edge for some time.

When you’re moving as a group, the entire party is counted as hidden as long as the lead character is out of sight. However, if you split the party, each individual member has to be hidden separately.

Recon Mode

The enemies become invisible when they’re behind objects, and you can only see the footsteps when they are moving. So, use Recon Mode (R) to keep track of enemies on the map that are within your vision. You can also hover over the enemies to learn more about them.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the environmental elements, such as oil spills and explosive crates. Once the enemies are grouped up, you can shoot at these objects and take them all down in one go.

Luring Enemies

The enemies become aware of you whenever you linger right at the periphery of their vision.

Lure Enemies

You can use this to lure multiple targets to one spot and take them down all at once. It’s efficient and lets you conserve your class skills for tougher encounters.

Getting into Position

The game makes superb use of the obstacles, making positioning a core part of the gameplay. If you see a crate of explosives, position yourself so that you have a vision of it. Otherwise, all your effort may go to waste, as you’ll be unable to fire at it.

Get into Position

The same applies when you’re luring enemies. If possible, pull them away from the rest so that the others do not notice their downed companions and start searching for you.

Team Composition

Always make sure you have a Sneak, Bruiser, and a Saboteur on your team. Each of these characters in Lamplighters League has unique abilities that change how you interact with the map and can potentially open up new ways to finish the current mission.

Combat Stages

The game has two unique combat phases:

Free movement stage

1. The free movement phase – In the movement phase, you can survey the map and move about freely without any restrictions. The goal here is to position your team so that you have an advantage when combat begins. You can even take down enemies using your class abilities, but they are limited, so be careful with their use. You can also choose to avoid combat altogether.

2. The turn-based combat phase – You can enter the turn-based phase by pressing the control key, and as long as the enemy hasn’t spotted you, you can freely switch between the two phases.

Turn-based combat

The combat phase gives you access to more abilities, and even though they are not limited like the class abilities, you are limited to two actions per turn. Each of your team members can move or interact with the enemy during their turn. You can move twice, hit an enemy twice, or perform one of each action.

You cannot exit this phase, and it only ends when you’ve defeated all the enemies.

Ignore your Objectives

Take your time at the beginning of the stage and explore the surroundings. You might come across supplies to help you during the mission. Sometimes, you can even pick off the stragglers who could have entered the main battle as reinforcements if you went straight into combat. There is also the possibility of avoiding combat altogether.

Defense Over offense

You don’t go guns blazing in Lamplighter’s League. The game is all about strategy, finding the optimal path through a maze of enemies, using the environment to your advantage, and when all else fails, then and only then resorting to direct combat. The goal here is to make it out alive while collecting the goodies and not kill every enemy on the map, which makes the Evade mechanic one of the most underrated abilities in the game. It lasts for one round, and let’s have your agent dodge one enemy attack.

Enemies can also use evade, bringing the hit chance down to zero. In such cases, hit them with your weakest attack to wear off the evade before bringing out the big guns.

Hire more Agents

In Lamplighters League, having more agents at your disposal lets you continue missions even if some are out of commission for a while. You should also avoid dumping all your skill points into one agent. Instead, spread them across all your available agents so that you always have a backup team for high-level missions.

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