Melvor Idle Guide: Tips for Beginners

Melvor Idle is quite a popular idle game due to its simple but addictive gameplay, its RuneScape-inspired aesthetic, and its wide range of content. The game is also known for its active and supportive community. And if you have just started playing the expansion, then you should read our Atlas of Discovery guide.

Melvor Idle Guide for Beginners

Melvor Idle can be fun, but the beginning can be a bit slow. Here are a few tips to help you optimally speed things up. Let’s begin!

Focus on Astrology

You can play the game any way you want. However, maxing out Astrology gives you bonus modifiers for every other skill within the game, which makes it easier to level them up.

Max out astrology

Every astrology school supports one or two skills. Here is the complete list:

1. Deedree – Woodcutting and Farming

2. Iridan – Attack and Smithing

3. Ameria – Fishing and Firemaking

4. Terra – Strength and Mining

5. Vale – Hitpoints and Cooking

6. Nysa – Cartography and Archaeology (DLC)

7. Syllia – Ranged and Fletching

8. Arachi – Alt. Magic and Runecrafting

9. Ko – Agility and Thieving

10. Tellus – Defense and Slayer

11. Hyden – Prayer and Crafting

12. Qimican – Summoning and Herblore

13. Variel – Astrology

14. Haemir – Township (DLC)

Focus on Variel which grants modifiers to the Astrology skill before focusing on other schools.

The Variel skill in Astrology

All unlocked modifiers remain active throughout the game as passive abilities. Here is a glimpse of a few active modifiers within the game.

All active astrology modifiers

Secure a Consistent Gold Supply

Before long, you will notice that there is never enough back space and you have to keep buying more to store all your stuff. Therefore, it’s important to secure a steady gold supply so to help you buy everything you need.

During our gameplay, we’ve found that Fishing and Smithing offer the most gold over time, so it’s best to focus on Ameria and Iridan at the beginning before you move on to other schools of Archaeology.

Once the school is maxed up, start leveling the fishing skills. Selling fish offers the most gold in the early game.

Fishing in Melvor Idle

Eventually, you’ll hit a roadblock where you’ll need better rods to catch higher-level fish. Just farm enough resources to buy the rod, and then keep catching more fish until you hit the next level cap.

Fletching and Other Combat Types

There are three attack types: Melee, Ranged, and Magic.

Three types of attack - melee, ranged and magic

Melvor Wiki

You can craft melee gear in Smithing, ranged items in Fletching, and magic items in Runecrafting. In addition to the standard gear, you can also obtain combat items by defeating monsters throughout the Melvor universe.

Elerine Archer

Focusing on a single combat type works in the early game, but it’s not efficient as the kill times are slightly higher, which adds up in the long run. We suggest you stick to the combat triangle whenever possible. It’s also important to get into the habit of switching combat types based on the enemy, as you won’t be able to defeat higher monsters without doing so.

How to get Slayer Coins

You can earn Slayer coins in Melvor Idle by defeating monsters in Slayer Task.

Defeat monsters to earn slayer coins in Melvor Idle

You start off easy and gradually move forward to tougher monsters. Higher-level monsters grant more coins; however, you’ll need specific gear to defeat them.

You can use Slayer coins to upgrade your fighting gear and unlock more Slayer regions containing even tougher monsters.

Unlocking more slayer regions

We suggest you visit the wiki as it contains detailed explanations on how you can prepare for higher-level slayer encounters.

How to get seeds for Farming

You can get seeds by defeating monsters throughout the game. Refer to the wiki for a complete list of the seeds. For starters, the Farmlands combat area will have everything you need.

Farmlands combat area

You only need the seeds once because you get them back when you harvest the crop.

Farming is a passive skill in Melvor idle, which means it trains by itself. You don’t need to actively train the skill. As long as you plant the seed, plants/trees will keep growing. You can even use a mod to fully automate the task.

Farming, a passive skill

Simply click Mod Manager and subscribe to SEMI Core and SEMI Auto Farming. We suggest starting with only one mod and adding new ones once you’ve got a better grasp on the game.

Use a mod manager to automate task

Using Potions

There are two categories of potions, skill and combat. Skill-based potions only affect regular skills, while combat ones offer attack modifiers and status effects. Every potion also has four tiers, where tier 1 is the weakest and tier 4 is the strongest.

You cannot equip potions like regular gear. Instead, when you open the skill window related to the potion, it shows up at the top right corner.

Selecting potions in Melvor Idle

Simply click the icon and select the potion to activate the potion henceforth, and every action will consume one potion charge.

In order to make more potions, you’ll have to level up the herblore skill, which can be a bit difficult since you’ll need a lot of resources to craft potions.

Herblore skill

However, if you are farming fish for money, then crafting the Fisherman Potion is worth the effort.


In Melvor Idle, thieving is the next best way to earn gold and farm for unique items. However, you do need the right gear to steal items successfully, and getting all of them could take a while.

Thieving skill

We suggest you leave it for the end game, as there are no other benefits to thieving.

Melvor Idle Money-Making Tips

Here is a list of ways you can make money in Melvor idle (excluding the DLCs):

1. Thieving – You can earn a lot from thieving, but achieving the optimal setup takes a long time. Fishing offers a better alternative in the early game, but in the late game, thieving offers the highest gold-to-hour ratio (24,740k/hour)

2. Agility – Agility also requires a lot of resources before it can be profitable. However, compared to fishing, it still gives a slightly higher gold yield (4,978k/hour).

3. Selling Fishes – Selling raw fish is profitable in the early game; however, cooked ones fetch a lot more, so if possible, always cook your fish before selling them (4,421k/hour).

4. Mining – Mining with gem gloves also offers a decent way to earn some gold (470k to 1,350k/hour).

Other methods require a lot more setup, time, and effort. You’ll also need to max out other skills to make a profit. Just stick to fishing and move to thieving once you reach the end of the game. Good Luck!

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