Dordogne: Complete Walkthrough and Guide

“Dordogne” is an emotionally charged game about Mimi, an adult woman rediscovering her childhood memories of her grandmother after a life-altering accident left her with amnesia. Exploring her grandmother’s house and surroundings, you’ll unlock poignant memories of a past summer through letters and images, depicting the enduring love and warmth shared between granddaughter and grandmother.

Dordogne Walkthrough and Guide

Our Dordogne game guide covers the complete walkthrough, which includes puzzles and collectibles that are needed to progress throughout the story. We’ll also be breaking them up into chapters, making it easy for you to follow through. Let’s begin!

Dordogne Walkthrough – All Chapters

Chapter 1 – The House

drodogne 1

Discovering the Letter

The game starts with Mimi sleeping in the car. As you wake up, you receive a message on your phone, which is inside a bag. To open it, simply click on the latch and drag it upward. You can interact with similar objects by left-clicking or even dragging them. Pick a random reply, as it doesn’t affect the overall flow of the story. For those who can’t open the bag in Dordogne, this seems to be the ideal solution.

drodogne 2

After interacting with your phone, click the letter lying on the seat to the right. It’s from your deceased grandmother, and you’ll be driving to her home.


Opening the Mailbox

After the cut scene, you’ll arrive at the gate, but to get in, you’ll have to play a minigame. Select the gate and then click on the mail to the right. Pick up everything that’s inside, and then start shaking the mailbox.

drodogne 3

Now rotate the box to its rear side and click on the white bolts at the top left and right corners of the mailbox to bring out the screwdriver.

drodogne 4

Undo the screws to grab the key to the house. Now open the gate and head towards the house. Use the key to unlock the door, walk over to the candle, and use the matchbox to light it.

Discovering Nora’s Message

drodogne 5

Now click on the pen to pick it up, take out the cap, and look inside. You will find a message from Nora.

drodogne 6
drodogne 7

Discovering the message triggers a memory from your childhood, and there will be one such memory in every chapter where you rediscover what happened and why you don’t remember anything.

Memory (Settling in)

After you’re dropped off at Nora’s in the cutscene, enter the house and head upstairs to your room. Now there’s a minigame where you put all your clothes in the drawers. Begin by opening your suitcase and proceeding to pull out the topmost drawer. Once it’s filled, repeat the same for the remaining drawers until your suitcase is empty.

drodogne 8

After finishing the chore, head downstairs and talk to Nora. She’ll ask you to go to the living room and do some scribbling until dinner’s ready. Enter the living room and keep going left to the canvas with a green binder on it.

drodogne 9

Open the binder and start drawing by placing the outline appropriately on the page, left-clicking on it, and dragging your pencil up and down. Repeat the same for the second outline.

drodogne 10

After you’re done, Nora enters the room and scolds you for using the binder. However, she comes around, apologizes for doing so, and proceeds to teach you how to use the binder properly. This unlocks a new minigame where, at the end of each child memory episode, you’ll have to mark your entries in the binder. Thus concludes the first chapter.

drodogne 11

Chapter 2 – The River

drodogne 12

Discovering and Assembling the Camera

In Chapter 2, start by moving the curtains and lighting the inside of the house. After you’re done with the ground floor rooms (kitchen and living room), head upstairs to your room and open the drawer where you stored your clothes. You’ll find a camera.

Here’s how to assemble the camera in Dordogne:

drodogne 13
  1. Start by unfolding the flash.
drodogne 14
drodogne 15

2. Then attach the ropes by clicking on the hooks and dragging them to the back of the camera. Finally, place the film inside the camera. Now click on the red button on the front to take your picture and trigger a new memory.

drodogne 16

Memory (Eating Breakfast)

After waking up the memory, walk to the cupboard to change your clothes. Now head downstairs for breakfast. After sitting down at the table, you’ll start a minigame. Click on the milk jug and pour some into the bowl.

drodogne 17

Next, pick up the toast and apply some jam and butter to it. After that, pick up the cereal box and pour it into the bowl until it’s full before placing it back on the table.

Taking Photos Using the Camera in Dordogne

After that, Nora will ask you to follow her to the river. Once you reach the shore, interact with her by left-clicking.

drodogne 18

After a short dialogue, she’ll hand you the camera, which you can use to take pictures and put them into the binder. There is a short minigame where you’ll have to cross the river and take three pictures. One picture is of the river, one of the hot air balloons flying over the bridge, and one of Nora.

drodogne 19
drodogne 20

Decorating the Binder

Now she teaches you how to properly use the Binder. There are sections in the binder:

drodogne 21

1. Stickers – In Dordogne, stickers are hidden throughout the game and are highlighted by an orange question mark whenever you walk past them.

Sticker Mark

2. Poems – These are random words that appear on objects, which you can collect by clicking on them. One word unlocks three sentences, and you can use them to create a poem.

3. Pictures – The pictures you take with the camera can also be used in the Binder.

4. Sounds – You can also collect sounds using a microphone that you unlock in a later chapter. Here’s what a completed Binder looks like.

That’s the end of the memory. After you return to the present, follow the cat to the garden and try to free it from the fence to initiate the third chapter.

Chapter 3 – The Market

drodogne 22

Chasing the Cat

In this chapter, you’ll have to follow the cat and grab the key attached to its collar. Head to the gate at the side of the house, the one covered with bushes. Brush them away and open the gate.

drodogne 23
drodogne 24
drodogne 25

After entering the garden, you can try to grab the cat, but you’ll fail as it’ll keep fleeing.

drodogne 26

Searching for Treats

You need to get some bait from the cat, so return to the house. There are three baits:

1. Sardines – On the kitchen table.

drodogne 27

2. Store Bought Treats – On the cupboard beside the window.

drodogne 28

3. Homemade Treats – Inside the pantry, located towards the refrigerator.

drodogne 29

Feed the Cat

After gathering the treats, return to the cat and give her the Homemade treat (the cat won’t respond to the other two). Bring the food drops gradually closer to you; otherwise, the cat will run away from you.

drodogne 30

Searching for the Kayak

After obtaining the key, head to the garden and use it to open the door to the cave. Walk to the back, where you’ll see a broken kayak. Rotate it, and you’ll find a set of hand prints that trigger another memory.

drodogne 31

Memory (Brushing Teets)

After waking up in the morning, enter the bathroom and approach the sink to start brushing. Use the left click to navigate Mimi’s right hand and grab the brush. Now use the right click to control her left and squeeze out some toothpaste on the brush.

drodogne 32

Now brush your teeth by dragging the mouse before picking up the glass of water to rinse your mouth. Finally, pick up your dress from the counter and get ready to head to the garden to help Nora.

Tending the Garden

drodogne 33

Enter the cave and grab the trowel from the tool table. Now head outside and start the gardening minigame, where you’ll plant one of the following: Thyme, Sage, or Rose.

drodogne 34

First, pull out the weeds, and then use the trowel to dig a hole. Now pull out one of the plants from their pot and place it in the hole. Cover it with dirt and water the plant to conclude the game and head to the market with Nora.

Go to the Market

After reaching the market, Nora gives you a list of items to buy from different shops spread throughout the region:

1. Baguette

2. Glue

3. Wood

4. Rhubarb

5. Tomato Seeds

6. Milk

You won’t get glue, wood, or milk, as they are stolen by a thief in the market. Once you return with the available items, Nora asks you to take a photograph of the thief. Listen to his footsteps if you want to catch him in the act.

drodogne 35
drodogne 36

Once you take the picture, the thief drops the bag and runs away. Then, when you return from the market, you spend the evening with Nora. After picking the words during the cutscene, you’ll have to design another page in the binder, which brings chapter 3 to an end.

Chapter 4 – Top of the World

drodogne 37

Tea Making

The first minigame in Chapter 4 involved making tea. Enter the house and head into the kitchen. Walk over to the stove to begin the minigame.

drodogne 38

Start by lifting the jug and placing it in the sink. Fill it up with water, place it on the heating platform, and flick the switch.

Next, grab one of the mugs from the top shelf and place it on the counter. Pick a tea flavor (it doesn’t matter which one) and flip the lid.

Grab the spoon next to the jug and use it to pour some tea leaves into the strainer. Place the strainer in the mug and pour hot water into it from the jug. Wait a while and click on the mug to end the minigame.

How to get the Train Code

You can activate the toy train with the help of a code. You will have to solve a simple puzzle. Here’s how to find the train code in Dordogne:

Once you’re done with the tea, head upstairs into the room adjacent to yours. The key is on top of the door.

Approach the pillar and use a lever to lift up the tracks. Walk over to the table with the magnifying glass and interact with it to start a minigame.

drodogne 39 1

Solve the weather puzzle by arranging the cassettes according to the seasons.

drodogne 39 2

Once you have the code, enter it into the device on the sofa. Use the keypad to type in this code: 7245, and it’ll activate the toy train.

drodogne 40

Walk over to the pillar with the lever, and you’ll find a walkman. Plug in the mic and headphones into the device to trigger another memory.

drodogne 41 1

Memory (Picnic)

After waking up, you’ll see Nora exiting the recreation room. Sneak inside, approach the train controller, and activate it. Once it starts moving, approach it, and you’ll discover and automatically equip the Walkman.

drodogne 41 2

You’ll have to record the train’s sound and take an image of it in this minigame. Also, you can now attach recorded sounds to the binder.

To record the train’s sound, click once to zoom in on it and once more to record the audio. Next, take a picture, and you’ll finish the game.

drodogne 42
drodogne 43

Fixing the Boat

After the cutscene, get dressed and head into the cave. Approach Nora and fix the boat together in the following minigame.

Start by rotating the boat around until you spot the holes.

drodogne 44

Apply the glue, and then pick one of the three broken pieces to place into the hole.

drodogne 45
drodogne 46 1

Once it’s fixed, start painting the boat. Dip the brush in the paint if it runs dry. Repeat the same for the other side.

drodogne 46 2

Boating towards the Picnic Spot

Once the boat is fixed, you and Nara head towards the river and use the boat to reach the picnic spot. Use the W, A, S, and D keys to navigate the boat and avoid obstacles on the way.

drodogne 47

Once the picnic is over, the blanket is blown away by the wind. As a result, all the utensils were dropped into the river.

Go behind a bush to get changed since you’ll have to dive underwater to fetch them. After jumping in, keep an eye out for ripples in the water.

drodogne 48

Approach the ripples and dive. While underwater, use left and right clicks to navigate your hands and grab the items. Do so before the oxygen meter runs out on the top right.

drodogne 49

Chasing the Spectre

After coming out of the water, you’ll notice a boy in the jungle. Pursue him throughout the forest and climb the hill to reach his hideout. Start by putting on some clothes and jungle into the greenery.

drodogne 50

Climb up the ivy to the ledge and head right. Ascend via the stone stairs and keep heading right until you come across a turn.

drodogne 51

Keep moving and slide down the slope once you reach the end.

drodogne 52

Keep moving left and go around the hill until you see another set of stone stairs.

drodogne 53

Now keep going until you fall into a ditch. Use the ivy again to climb to the right ledge.

drodogne 54

Go around the mountain once again and head left. There will be a hanging vine, and you won’t get across on your first try.

drodogne 55

Once you drop down, return to the same spot. The vine will now be swinging, which makes it easier to cross over. Keep climbing until you see stone platforms jutting out of the mountain. Use them to ascend to the top. After reaching the peak, you’ll meet the boy you saw earlier in the market stealing items.

At the end of the scene, he’ll drop a plastic bag containing a puzzle into the river below. Change into your swimwear and dive into the water once again to find the bag. Once you’ve retrieved it, use the boat to return home.

Solving the Puzzle

After Nora leaves for the market, bring out the puzzle and solve it.

drodogne 56

You’ll have to match the notes to the appropriate places on the map and connect them to find the location of the boy’s hideout. Here is the solution:

drodogne 58

After discovering the location, head to the tree with a swing hanging from it and climb it.

drodogne 59

After reaching the top, aim your responses at the words in the clouds. After all the clouds are gone, you’ll discover the boy’s lair.

drodogne 60
drodogne 61

Finally, finish the binder to conclude the memory and move on to the next one.

Chapter 5 – The Caves

drodogne 62

Head outside and walk towards the tree with the swing. You’ll see a glass jar wedged into the tree.

drodogne 63

Grab it and unscrew it to discover a set of items that trigger yet another memory.

Memory (Visiting the Hideout)

While Nora is sleeping, head outside towards the river. Use the kayak to visit the hideout. Make sure to row past the picnic spot and keep moving forward until you reach a spot with an exclamation mark.

drodogne 64

Head towards the cave and grab the flask hanging from the branch.

drodogne 65 1

Collect a few fireflies within the jar to light the way.

drodogne 65 2

Once you enter the caves, simply keep following the cluster of fireflies until you reach the boy.

drodogne 66

The boy’s name is Renaud, and after meeting him, you’ll spend the entire afternoon chatting and playing. There will be a short minigame where he will show you how Coulobre screams. Mimic Renaud’s cries using the direction keys to finish the game.

drodogne 67

Once the game ends, return to the house. There’ll be some interactions with Nora, but no more games. Simply follow through, and you’ll finish this chapter.

Chapter 6 – The Picnic

drodogne 68

Head into Nora’s bedroom, which is upstairs, adjacent to the bathroom. Next, move towards the closet and push aside the clothes to reveal the scarf. Once you put it on, a photograph drops to the floor. Click on it to start the next memory.

drodogne 69

Memory (Preparing Meals)

Start by grabbing the potato and using the knife to slice it up. Repeat the same for the garlic.

drodogne 70

Next, light the stove and start heating the pan. Put one spoonful of duck fat on the pan and begin seasoning the potato using the pepper mill and salt. Shake the bowl before adding it to the frying pan. Stir until Nora says they are ready.


Once everything is ready, head down to the river and visit the picnic spot using the kayak. Nora asks you to call Renaud after you’ve reached the small island, and while he’s on his way, she also asks you to decorate the picnic with a pine cone. It’s another minigame where you pick a cone and decorate it with googly eyes and sticks.

drodogne 70 1

During the picnic, words pop up on the screen. It doesn’t matter which ones you select, as there is only one possible ending, and the memory ends after you’ve finished the binder following the cutscene.

Chapter 7 – The Coulobre

drodogne 71

As you’re going downstairs, you hear an alarm. Enter the living room and head left towards the table with musical notifications.

drodogne 72

Grab the watch beneath the papers. Next, grab the highlighted newspaper to trigger the last and final memory of the game.

Memory (Visiting the Market)

Head down to the river and use the kayak to visit the market. Now, you’ll inevitably crash into the logs and drown, so there is no use avoiding them. Intentionally row over the logs to trigger the next cutscene.

drodogne 73

The Coulobre

While underwater, approach the floating pages and grab them. There is nowhere else to go, so simply keep moving forward.

drodogne 74
drodogne 75

Repeat this two more times until you come face to face with the Coulobre. Gradually move toward the beast when prompted.

drodogne 76

After meeting the Coulobre, it will let you float to the top.

drodogne 77


You can now control Renaud. Avoid the obstacles and swim towards Mimi to save her.

drodogne 77 1

Use W, A, S, and D to control Renaud’s movements, and the spacebar to duck below floating logs. Hitting them will restart the rescue attempt. Once you reach Mimi, move the logs aside to free her.

drodogne 78

Mimi remained unconscious after the rescue. Nora tries to give her CPR, which brings us to the last minigame.

There are two circles in the middle, and a bigger white circle is closing in on them. You’ll have to left-click on the heartbeats. If you miss or make a mistake, exit the game and repeat from the beginning; otherwise, you’ll have to play the whole game from Chapter 1. Once you’ve done this 12 times, the memory ends.

drodogne 79

Chapter 8 – Last Words

drodogne 80

Dordogne’s ending – the last chapter – mainly consists of cutscenes. The only interaction here is unpacking the suitcase Renaud gives you and discovering Nora’s last letter hidden in the binder.

drodogne 81

Parting thoughts

Dordogne’s captivating visuals and soothing soundtrack create a harmonious experience, while the narrative intertwines gameplay with storytelling to evoke a profound sense of nostalgia. Ultimately, The game serves as a powerful reminder of the strength of family bonds and the healing power of cherished memories, and it does an excellent job of delivering that message via a visual novel.

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