Cats Hidden in Paris Walkthrough: All Cat Locations

If you are fond of hidden object games, then you will love everything about Cats Hidden in Paris. You will have to find 100 cats cleverly hidden in the background of a scenic location in Paris. The hand-drawn graphics has its charm and the game isn’t too hard to solve. Once you find all kitties, a new timer mode is unlocked. Race against time to find those cats once again and collect them within the shortest time possible. If you are still having trouble discovering all kitties in Cats Hidden in Paris, then you should find the below walkthrough helpful. We have the locations of all kitties:

All Cat Locations

Here’s the solution to finding all cute mousers in Cats Hidden in Paris. We have divided the entire scene into two parts – Upper and Lower.

Cats Hidden in Paris - Solution to find 100 cats.
The last cat is marked in orange on the above screenshot. Check the lower-right corner. We have drawn a square and an arrow near the hidden cat.

Lower Part

 The lower part of the hand-drawn scene.

The lower part of the hand-drawn background. You will find several more cats hidden in it.


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