Against the Storm: How to Get Parts

Parts are one of the most crucial resources in Against the Storm, and, as with most essential items, they’re challenging to acquire. These critical components are necessary for building mid to late-game structures, and a shortage in the early game can bring your entire settlement to a grinding halt.

Unlike other resources in the game, parts cannot be harvested. To aid in your gameplay, here are a few tips that will help you effectively manage this precious resource.

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Trade for Parts

You can never have too many parts in Against the Storm. When dealing with traders, if there’s nothing specific you need, prioritize stockpiling parts. Even when purchasing other items, always aim to add 2-3 Parts to your inventory, particularly if you have spare resources or Amber available. This habit ensures you’re well-prepared for future construction and expansion, keeping your settlement’s progress steady and uninterrupted.


Orders often provide parts as rewards. Sometimes, just a few parts are all you need to complete an important building.

Orders section.

This seemingly small advantage can be the deciding factor between winning and losing the game. Therefore, always keep an eye on orders offering parts.

Glade Events

Dangerous and Forbidden Glades pose significant risks, but they also offer substantial rewards. Venturing into these glades triggers events that occasionally reward you with Parts.

Glade events in Against the Storm

Even if the event rewards don’t include Parts, you still have the option to search the crates inside the glades. Each crate offers two sets of rewards to choose from, and locating Parts among them is fairly common.

Rainpunk Foundry

In Against the Storm, the Rainpunk Foundry is a unique event, exclusive to Forbidden Glades. If you encounter this event, prioritize repairing the building, as it produces two exceptionally rare resources: Parts and Wildfire Essence.

While crafting these items may require a considerable amount of resources, the investment is well worth it. Both Parts and Wildfire Essence are high-value items and can be traded for a substantial amount of amber or exchanged for other rare resources that become increasingly difficult to obtain in the late game. This makes the Rainpunk Foundry a highly valuable find, offering significant advantages for your settlement’s advancement.

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