Against the Storm: How to Use Rain Water

The positive effects of rainwater aren’t noticeable at the beginning. It’s only when you’ve played a few times and have unlocked some of the meta progression that you get to see the true potential of water.

Uses of Water in Against the Storm

Rainwater in Against the Storm serves dual purposes. It can be transformed into resources like Crystalized Dew or used to enhance the productivity of various buildings, such as Bakeries and Alchemist Huts.

There are three types of rainwater, each suited to powering different building categories. Below is the complete list:

1. Clearance (Gold) – Alchemist Hut, Apothecary, Artisan, Clothier, and Cooperage.

Buildings > Weaver

2. Drizzle (Green) – Bakery, Brewery, Butcher, Cellar, and Cookhouse.


3. Storm (Blue) – Brickyard, Carpenter, Crude Workshop, Finesmith, and Klin.


How to use water?

To use rainwater in Against the Storm, you’ll first have to upgrade the building using 4x Pipes. Once upgraded, each building unlocks two engines with various levels of effectiveness. You can adjust the effect based on the requirements and available rainwater supply. Here is a breakdown of both engines:

1. Engine 1 – The first level gives a 50% speed boost. The second level grants a 25% chance for a bonus yield, and the third level grants an additional 50% speed boost.

2. Engine 2 – Every level grants +5 bonus resolve to all the workers in the building.

Note: Using the rain engine generates Blightrot on every difficulty level other than Pioneer. Make sure to build Blight Posts to get rid of them before a storm.

How to collect water?

Here are the two ways to collect rainwater in Against the Storm:

1. Rain Collector and Advanced Rain Collector – The rain collector is the first building capable of collecting Infused Rainwater. It stores the water in different storage units apart from each other.

Raincollector under buildings in Against the Storm

2. Geyser Pump – Once you’ve unlocked the Rainpunk Engine (Obsidian Archive Level 6 required) upgrade from the Smoldering Citadel, you’ll be able to use Pumps to collect infused water directly from geysers found in newly discovered Glades.

Geyser Pump

Each geyser only contains a single type of infused water, though. So make sure you have enough buildings to utilize the stored water before investing the resources to build a pump.

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