Guide to Alter of Decay in Against the Storm

The Altar of Decay is a stone structure that can be found in Forbidden Groves. Although they pose a threat to your colony if left alone, you can use them to your advantage.

In this guide, we’ll be discussing the threats posed by an Altar of Decay and how you can convert it to reduce hostility during your campaign.


Over time, your settlement will be engulfed in darkness, and during a storm, each Blightrot Cyst will increase Hostility by +15 points. Cleaning up also costs 1 Impatience Point.


Tear Down

Cost – 15 Oil/Coal/Sea Marrow/Planks

Effects – It takes 10 seconds longer to burn Blightrot Cysts. Also, for every Wildfire Essence stored in the settlement’s Warehouse, Hostility is increased by +45 points.

Rewards – 3 random perks/goods

Perform Ritual

Cost – 30 Incense/Tea/Oil/Resin/Scrolls

Effects – Kill 1 random villager.

Rewards – The structure becomes a Converted Altar of Decay. You can reduce Hostility by sacrificing a villager.

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