DC Dual Force Factions Guide

In this guide, we’ll be discussing the 5 factions in DC Dual Force. Each faction has several unique cards that promote different play styles. Knowing what they are can help you build powerful decks and enable you to predict the opponent’s moves.

DC Dual Force Factions

However, if you’re new to the game, we suggest you read our DC Dual Force beginners guide first. It covers the basic game mechanics and will help you better understand all five factions. Once you’re done, you can proceed with the faction guide.

All Five Factions Explained


Deck Archetypes – Mono Might aka Self Buff, Board Swarm, Shield Spam

Synergies (from best to worst) – Tactics, Energy, Tyranny, and Anarchy

– The self-buff archetype truly shines when you’re paying only with Might Leaders. There are a lot of stat-boosting options, and this archetype lets you use all of them.


– Board Swarm uses Aquaman’s ability to summon sea creatures and Wonder Woman’s to buff up their health. It’s also a mono Might deck, but you can make it work with the Tactics and Energy factions.

Aquaman Swarm

– Might also have a bunch of cards with the shield ability that prevents the Recruits from taking damage. The shield is consumed when they are damaged, but it can be reapplied with other cards such as Krypto (gives another friendly character Shield).

Shield Ability Card


Deck Archetypes – Green Lanterns, Free Spell Casting, Aggro

Synergies – Tactics, Tyranny, Might, and anarchy

– The two standard archetypes in the Energy faction are Spells and Flurry. The spell archetype in DC Dual Force has several cards that generate spells and Lightning Bolts (Deal 2 damage and draw you a card). They give you a hand advantage, letting you maintain a strong board during a game.

Spell archetype in DC Dual Force

– Recruits with the Flurry ability can attack twice per turn, and those with Speed can attack on the same turn they are summoned. Their goal is to rush the opponent and win the game as soon as possible.


– The green lanterns are a unique archetype where the Recruits perform a bonus action for an additional resource. For instance, when you deploy Kilowog, you can pay an extra Bronze token to give Green Lanterns everywhere +1/+1. However, there aren’t enough Green Lanterns to create a single deck.

Green Lantern Archetype


Deck Archetypes – Mono Tactics, Gadget Spam, Double Deploy, Draw Spam, Midrange Control

Synergies – Might, Energy, Tyranny, and Anarchy

– Gadget Spam takes advantage of Batman’s gadgets, which don’t cost resources to play. They help you maintain tempo during the early game and establish a strong board by the mid-game.


– There are several routes you can take when creating a Mono Tactics deck, but all of them must have Batman. If you pick Batgirl, then choose more Deploy cards; in the case of Green Arrow, Focus on board clear; and in the case of Cyborg, you’ll have a mix of card draw and board clear. If you want to learn more about the synergy between all the leaders, make sure to read our DC Dual Force Leaders guide.

Mono Tactics

– Double Deploy archetype is most powerful when paired with Energy and Tyranny. Both those factions have powerful Recruits with Deploy abilities that Batgirl can take advantage of in the mid to late game.


– Draw spam takes advantage of the numerous draw abilities in the faction. Paired with Poison Ivy, you’ll be able to craft a truly menacing deck based on drawing cards.



Deck Archetypes – Firepower Control, Aggro

Synergies – Anarchy, Energy, Tactics, and Might

– Tyranny decks are mostly control decks, as you have multiple single target removal options. Combined with Energy or Tactics, you also get access to multi-target removal, which can create some interesting decks. Drawing is key, as it gives you more options every round. Zatana and Shazam are must-haves if you’re building a spell-focused deck, and if you’re taking the Firepower route, stick with Anarchy.

Anarchy Control

– Both Tyranny and Anarchy have access to the Arkham Inmate subtype, which can quickly snowball if you’re not careful in the early game. These cards grow stronger when you play a bunch of them together. These cards have a strong early game and can summon huge recruits by turns 5 and 6 (if you’re lucky).

Arkham Inmate subtype - The Penguin


Deck Archetypes – Control (Draw, Spell, Firepower), Aggro

Synergies – Anarchy, Tactics, Energy, and Might

– Similar to Tyranny, but in Firepower Control, you play a lot more Firepower cards that increase your overall damage output.


– Aggro is the same as Tyranny with the added advantage of single target damage thanks to all the Firepower-based cards.

Arkham Inmate 2
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