Against the Storm: Why Workers Go Idle?

Idle workers are a common problem faced by many players in the Against the Storm community. Workers go idle because they have nothing to do. Unlike the rest of the game, some of the tasks have to be manually assigned for the workers to take action on, and in this guide, we’ll be taking a look at them.

Idle Workers – How to check

Any building or location with a big exclamation mark suggests that it has gone idle. If the mark is over a building, it means the natural resources within its range have been exhausted, making the workers go idle.

object with an exclamation mark

If the indicator is over an abandoned cache, it means no actions were assigned to the workers at the crate. Simply put, look into anything with an exclamation mark.

Crate with an exclamation mark

All Idle Worker Scenarios

Here is a list of reasons why workers go idle in Against the Storm:

1. Lack of Resources – The lack of raw materials will prevent the workers in Industry buildings from producing further resources.

No resources

2. Crates left alone – Once you find a cache, you can either break it open or send it back to the citadel. Both actions offer different rewards, but you’ll first have to select one.

Small abandoned cache

3. Forgot to investigate – After selecting what to do with the crates, click on Investigate to start the process.

Forgot to investigate
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