Against the Storm: What are Ancient Tablets

During gameplay, you’ll come across various resources in Against the Storm, the coveted Ancient Tablet being one of them. In this short guide, we’ll be discussing its usefulness and uses within the game.

How to get Ancient Tablets?

Ancient tablets are a resource that can be sold for ~9.6 Amber. Their value in trade deals is unparalleled, as they are the single most valuable resource in the whole game.

You can also pick up the Hidden Reward Cornerstone for some extra tablets.

Ancient Tablet Reward

Unlike most of the resources, there are no known recipes for Ancient Tablets. The only way you can obtain them is as rewards from Glade Events.

You can also find them in the Sea Marrow deposits within the Stonecutters’ Camp, but the probability is extremely low and isn’t worth the effort. You’re better off searching for Glade events.

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