Against the Storm: Guide to All Biomes

Every biome comes with a set of unique effects and resources, and knowing them beforehand will help you manage your village efficiently.

Here is a list of biomes in Against the Storm, their features, and their resources. And if you are eager to know more about buildings, then do read our complete building tier list.

Against the Storm: All Biomes

1. Royal Woodlands


– Trees produce more wood.


Trees – Woods, Resin, Plant Fiber, Egg.

Nodes – Clay, Plant Fiber, Berries, Mushrooms, Roots, Vegetables, Meat, Egg, Sea Marrow.

2. Coral Forest


– Every tree provides bonus resources.

– For every hostility level, villagers get a 5% chance of earning bonus yields from gathering and production.


Trees – Wood, Plant Fiber, Meat, Crystaized Dew, Stone, Incense.

Nodes – Reed, Stone, Vegetables, Meat, Insects, Herbs, Coal.

3. Scarlet Orchard


– Gain access to the Archaeologist’s Office.

– You can locate ancient excavation sites in this biome.


Trees – Wood, Copper Ore, Pigment, Plant Fiber.

Nodes – Reed, Stone, Berries, Roots, Eggs, Herbs, Grain, Sea Marrow, Copper Ore.

4. Marshlands


– For every two workers assigned to the gathering camps, gain a 10% gathering speed boost.

– You can find giant resource nodes inside the Forbidden Glades.


Trees – Wood, Mushrooms, Leather.

Nodes – Eggs, Stone, Mushrooms, Meat, Grain, Coal, Copper Ore.

5. Cursed Royal Woodlands


– Cannot recognize the dangers inside glades.

– You can now find Restless Spirits in the forest.


Trees – Wood, Insects, Plant Fiber, Roots.

Nodes – Clay, Plant Fiber, Mushrooms, Vegetables, Insects, Herbs, Grain, Sea Marrow, Copper Ore.

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